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Play with Clay!

We never settle for "ordinary".

Our work philosophy is embedded deep in our core beings as creative individuals. We proudly uphold  the Clayshop values hailing from 11 solid years filled with so much learnings and experiences in the video production and film-making industry. These values guide us towards conceptualizing, executing and delivering every single project with excellence, timeliness, passion and flair. 

Clayshop is the culmination of our founders' dreams, our whole team's hard work, our clients' trust, and our high respect for every person  we are privileged to call colleagues and friends. 

Let us help you bring your brilliant ideas to life through TV and digital commercials, web videos, vlogs, 2d or 3d animations, visual effects, ccorporate AVPS, and many more!


Our minds are yours to pick. Our imagination is your playground. 


Together, let us create the EXTRAORDINARY!


Clayshop helps brands and businesses communicate a clear product or service messaging to their target market through the current number one medium of choice online video. 

Fulfill your mission to influence in just a few minutes through video advertising.



Clayshop is a brand in itself. 

We aim to inspire serve our diverse audience with diverse content. 


For us, Clayshop is where we could continue to grow as professionals, hone our craft, and share our vision. This is the kind of passion that runs in our blood, consumes our minds and inhabits our bones.



Our secret to performing at our best is doing it with joy. 

Our joy comes from different sources.

Clayshop honors and respects family time, love for art, music and travel and the need to rest.

Finding beauty in this life is our fuel to do what we do for our company, clients and content consumers.



My love for production life wouldn't be the same, if I had not worked with Clayshop. Being a Freelancer, makes you feel kinda at a loss everytime you go onboard a project, for different production houses. But that's never the case with them. With Clayshop, you always feel at home and welcome. Taking you in as part of their family, working with awesome people, makes you want to push yourself more and give out your best every single time. I'll ALWAYS be proud of being a part of your amazing works of art.

Val Torres
Freelance Production Manager


Our Clients

Our Clients




Best Film

Berlin-Brandenburg Award


36th International Short Film Festival Berlin 2020

Award Winner

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3rd Place

Adobo Magazine Creative Rankings 2015