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Hold it. Mold it. Shape it.

Let your imagination run wild. Let your creativity speak freely. 

Clay is a coalition of great talent and fresh ideas, honed to perfection by 14 years of industry experience. You’re welcome to jump in and join the mix. 

We take pride in handling your ideas, infusing it with our own and reshaping it to your taste. The result is a healthy collaboration of minds that effectively maximizes your desired medium. 

Web. Print. TV. All in one mix. All in one shop.

It’s a playful yet professional, hands-on environment that only Clay can give. 

So get ready to get your hands dirty. 

Get ready to play…with Clay!

To be one of the leading quality content and talent providers for Film, TV and Digital platforms in the country.

To provide a creative working environment where people are encouraged to collaborate and inspire each other to craft ideas/stories and produce quality contents while making sure work-life balance is observed.

Timeline of Clayshop
Timeline of Clayshop
August Lyle G. Espino
William L. Capistrano II
Dennis Deleonio
CEO / Director / Producer
Director / Production Head
Operation Head
Meet the Team